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Savor… A Night of Delight

Tuesday night we set the table for people to enjoy an evening out with friends and loved ones for a night of delight! With colorful, floral blankets strewn across the lawn, thoughtful table arrangements sprinkled along the driveway, and a picturesque lemonade stand the evening was truly one to savor. 

As I watched fireflies light up the grass and the woods, I couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for this sacred space. Observing people here at The Retreat House laugh with their friends and delight in their picnics, gorgeous Board and Vine charcuterie boards, and delicious drinks infused me with more delight than I even anticipated. It was idyllic to say the least. 

When we made the decision to follow God’s promptings and open the doors of The Retreat House we had a vision for people meeting with God and connecting with others. We wanted to offer many avenues to do this-things like retreats and being in silence and solitude, counseling and spiritual direction, and fun events that encourage people to slow down and savor the gifts of God. There have been many moments over the past six months where I have paused in awe of God and how he has brought this vision into fruition. Tonight was another one of those moments. 

The chatter coming from the tables and the intentionality people were taking with their personally curated drinks-it filled my heart to see people slowing down to delight in the small things. Carefully choosing their beautiful glasses and drink garnishes-it was a chance to really savor flavors and even try something new. 

I could see people strolling through the trails in the woods and around the lake, just enjoying each other and being outside together. Even as the sky fell out with a crazy sheet of rain, delight was still to be had. Everyone running, laughing, and taking cover from the rain just added to the evening and didn’t scare any of us away! The night continued with people gathering in various areas of the Main House and under the gazebo laughing and connecting over the Savor Conversation Cards. 

It was an evening I will continue to savor with all its laughter, thoughtfulness, and beauty. I am so grateful to see how God continues to use this beautiful space to bring people closer to Him and to one another. What a wonderful way to kick off the summer season.  We have lots of ways that you can connect here at The Retreat House this summer. Check out our calendar to learn more. One to note is Content Conversations on June 11th. This is a new webinar series our Retreat House staff is teaching on a variety of topics. This month Allison is teaching on how her journey with Spiritual Formation and Direction has encouraged delight in her parenting. Sign up Here for that event. 

And as always, please reach out if you are in need of counseling, coaching, or spiritual direction or if would like to learn more about Cabin stays. It is our desire to walk alongside you and guide you to the Lord every step of the way. 

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