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Events at The Retreat House


Silent retreats are a time to engage in the practice of silence alongside others. During this time you can journal, pray, walk the grounds, read, rest, or really do whatever you feel like your heart and soul need. 

Summer Silent Retreats will be structured in a slightly different format than our usual layout. They will begin at 9:30am and will close with a guided practice at 12:30pm. The retreat will begin with a short time together to prepare our hearts and minds, enter the silence  and then we will break the silence with a guided practice. We will not provide a group meal to close. You are welcome to bring your own lunch and remain on the grounds until 2pm.

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Somatic Regulation

Learning tools to calm your body in times of stress

 Our next somatic offering focused on how to move from dysregulation to regulation in your nervous system. This will be taught by our very own, Dr. Kevin Shelby and Britney Christie. Feeling dysregulated can be the opposite of delightful, but it is important to remember that we are not going to be in a constant state of delight. Stress is a part of our human experience, and we believe you move through these experiences by attuning to the body (soma). The feeling of coming back home to a state of regulation can certainly bring a sense of peace and opens us up to receive the moments of delight all around us. 

Tuesday, June 25th 6-8pm

10981 Macon Rd Eads, TN 38028

 coffee, tea, and light snacks available

Content Conversations

Webinar with The Retreat House Staff

Content Conversations are monthly webinars with The Retreat House Staff designed to provide meaningful content focused on enhancing your life, relationships, and spiritual formation. Each month we’ve selected a “focus word” that will help highlight our theme creating a cohesive learning opportunity and spiritual focus. Content Conversations offer participants an opportunity to lean into the focus word of the month and are designed to give you tangible tools to put it into action. Whether you are at your desk at work or sitting quietly at home, we want to connect with you virtually in that space and give you a place of contact to connect with God, yourself, and others. 

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More Than Ready

Preparing for College and Beyond

If you are a student who recently completed your junior or senior year of high school, we know this is a crucial time of planning for college. It is probably on your mind often, and we want to support you spiritually as you prepare. This one-day retreat will give you the chance to:

Learn and experience contemplative practices

Engage in self awareness exercises

Give you time to ask questions and explore your personal gifts and dreams

Enjoy time to fellowship with other juniors and seniors


We want to give you tools and practices for connecting with God, yourself, and others, as you experience this exciting life transition. This process of completing high school and looking ahead to next steps can bring many thoughts and emotions. We believe God cares deeply for you in this journey and is with you, loving you each step of the way. 

Wednesday July 17th, 9:30-3:30

The Retreat House : 10981 Macon Road Eads, TN 38028

Coffee, tea, and light snacks will be provided, as well as a delicious lunch. 


Visio Divina Retreat

Join us for a Sunday afternoon retreat with teaching and time that invites you to sit with the practice of Visio Divina or sacred seeing. Sometimes we need a break from words and can greatly benefit from a practice that opens up our soul and imagination through meditating on art. If you have never tried this, now is a great time to learn it, and we will guide you. 


Art is an incredible gift and tool that helps us notice things that are stirring under the surface of our lives. With this 5 step practice, we invite the Holy Spirit to direct our attention and open us up to communion with God. 

Sunday, July 28th from 12:30- 5:30pm  with coffee, tea, and light snacks. Lunch will be provided at 12:30 upon arrival. 


Open Hours

Looking for a quiet space to read or walk or journal?  Open hours are set days and times when we brew the coffee, light the fires, and open The Retreat House doors for drops-ins! 

No need to register. When you arrive, enter through the main doors facing the lake. 

Friday, May 15, 2024

Monday, June 3, 2024

Thursday, June 27, 2024

Friday, July 5 2024



"Moving in silence and solitude allowed me to hear my breath, listen more intently to God's word and know that He will never leave me. I'm human and sometimes my nerves and fears get the best of me, but this retreat allowed me to put the focus back on The Lord."


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