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Lots to Look Forward to in the New Year!

We have been overwhelmed with excitement and are encouraged to see the response and participation in the things we have hosted at The Retreat House. It is clear that many are longing for retreat, connection to God, and to their inner lives. It has been a joy to see the spaces we prepared and the content we envisioned come to life within the walls of this special place. 

We are thrilled to announce that our staff is growing as we add Dr. Kevin Shelby to our leadership team! We have gotten to know Kevin as he sat on our Board of Advisors for the last year where it became clear that our passions, visions for healing, and God’s callings upon our lives were in alignment. We are excited not only to have his expertise of counseling for over 20 years, but also his excitement for the mission and vision of The Retreat House. We are grateful to add his experience, perspective, and love for the Lord to our team! Check out the video below to hear from him.

As momentum for The Retreat House grows and word spreads, we want to share what you can expect in the new year!

First off, check out our website refresh! We are working to have up-to-date information for you on our website so you can navigate the site with ease. A huge “thank you” to the beautiful photos by Morgan Hibbs Photography-she has been incredible to work alongside! As far as on the property-during the weekday hours, we plan to meet with clients and directees for counseling, coaching, and spiritual direction sessions. We will also have times of silence and open hours sprinkled throughout the schedule-those will typically be posted and released at the beginning of each month. If you are wanting to book a session email us at

In addition to ongoing sessions, we will continue to offer our half day silent retreats. We want to make the rhythm of silence available to all! We also plan to offer a retreat or workshop each month with a specific focus and more extensive teaching. These will involve a deeper dive with more training, tools, and time taught by a member of The Collective.  We hope to have options varying from spiritual practices and disciplines, to marriage care, to art therapy- just to name a few. We want TRH to be a place to learn and grow together. 

January’s workshop will be the first of a three part series teaching the Rule of Life. This is an incredibly helpful practice for ordering your year. We will explore your personal values and how your daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly rhythms can support the things you want most for your life. The Rule of Life is an ancient practice, but many have found it quite helpful in the modern context. We will cover all areas of life to see how the parts of our lives are connected: from how we work, to relationships, to prayer life, to the intentional rhythms that help us live the life we deeply desire to live. 

Also available in January, Britney Christie will be hosting an Enneagram workshop for those interested in discovering their unique wiring and how that influences how we see the world and respond to our lives. Britney has a unique perspective on how the Enneagram can be used as a tool to help us better engage with God, ourselves, and others.  

These offerings have limited space, so secure your spot for whatever peaks your interest click here to sign up! We hope you feel nudged to participate and spread the word. Looking forward to February, be on the lookout for the sign ups for a marriage event on Feb. 9th & 10th as well as a half day silent retreat on Feb. 6th and Lent Retreat Feb 18th. 

We love having you out to The Retreat House.

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