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Grab your calendar! There’s lots happening in May!

We are excited to spend the month of May focused on anchoring! It is difficult to anchor in seasons of stress and busyness, and May can certainly be those things.

We want to offer you tools and practices that bring you back to center. When daily life feels chaotic, Christ dwells within us, and we can come back to that place where all is well. Below is the calendar for May as well as descriptions for each event. You are welcome to reach out to with any questions or Cabin stay inquiries.

The first way we want to encourage you to anchor is in your body. “Soma” means body, and somatic practices are things that help you pay attention to that part of yourself. So on Saturday, May 4th, we will have a 2 hour workshop led by Jess Peeler, a therapist and somatic practitioner. She will lead us in teaching, practices, and movements that give us a sense of what it means to anchor in the body and pay attention to what our bodies might be carrying.  Learn More and Sign Up Here

This is very much part of the spiritual life. Sometimes it is difficult to connect to God, ourselves, and others when we are experiencing stress and overwhelm in the nervous system. This workshop will give you a wealth of knowledge and tools that we hope will help you on your journey toward connection in life and relationships. 

Next, we wanted to alert you to our summer format for silent retreats. As schedules shift during this season, the timing and elements will be slightly different. We will begin at 9:30 with coffee, tea, and light snacks, then have our usual time of teaching and block of silence. We will close the silence by gathering for the practice of Lectio Divina at 12:30. After that, you can finish or time and head out or you will have the option to bring your own lunch and enjoy the grounds of The Retreat House until 2:00pm. We hope you incorporate this restful rhythm into your summer schedule and that we will see you on May 7th. Learn more and sign up here

During the month of May, we are also launching a brand new, monthly offering: Content Conversations, one hour webinars of teaching and interaction that we think will enrich your life and spiritual formation journey. These are growth opportunities. They will offer a chance to take some notes, learn new content, and submit questions in the chat that will then be addressed by the presenter. We invite you to deepen your knowledge and curiosity around topics that we value and believe will benefit you. Learn more and sign up here

The last offering to consider for May is the Pentecost Retreat on Sunday afternoon, May 19th. Pentecost is an often overlooked but significant day on the church calendar. This is a day when we honor and celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit. If it’s true that we have an Advocate living within us, who is the very Spirit of God, then how might we live Spirit empowered lives? This is an extended retreat with lunch provided and a longer block of silence. Learn more and sign up here

And as always, open hours will be offered twice as a chance for you to come out and enjoy the grounds of The Retreat House without cost or registration. Whether you need space to read, write, journal, pray, walk, study, or create, this is the space for you!

We hope that you will consider each of these offerings and where God might be inviting you to participate. Block time on your calendar to anchor in a season of busyness! We hope to see you soon!

Let us leave you with a Breath Prayer practice that you can take with you. For the moments that invite overwhelm, you can invite God’s abundant love.

Go gently.

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