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Giver of All Good Gifts

In July we hope to inspire you about an age old topic-gratitude! We will shine a light not only on the importance and benefits of gratitude to your mental, physical, spiritual, 

and emotional health but also offer you some tangible ways to start practicing this in your daily rhythms. 

Gratitude is a foundational posture, a starting point for many other valuable practices. Consider the breath in your lungs. The breath of life is not something we can give to ourselves; it is embodied grace. Gratitude and breath are where many contemplative practices invite you to start. This opens us to God as humble recipients, and from that place we enter prayer. 

The final three offerings this month move from body (somatic), to spirit (prayer practice), to mind (an educational webinar), all three work together to give practical guidance for incorporating gratitude into your life at deeper levels.

Where are you most drawn to stretch your understanding and experience? Invite a friend to join you! 

This event in June was so meaningful we are offering the same workshop again on July 25th from 6:00-8:00pm with Dr. Kevin Shelby and Britney Christie. If you missed it in June, this is your chance to learn not only what dsyregulation is and where it comes from, but also how to move to regulation in your body and nervous system. This informative workshop is packed with tangible tools and takeaways that you do not want to miss! Register Here

Here’s what a June participant had to say:

“God made our bodies in a specific way that responds to stress and dysregulation. Recognizing those parts of ourselves helps us to learn more about who God made us to be so that we are able to experience Him as a more fully alive and integrated human being. 
The tools I learned in the workshop helped me to notice how the Lord is speaking to me through what’s going on in my body. I could not recommend the workshop more! The entire time I kept thinking, ‘How did I not know this before!?’” 
-Mamie Krebs

On Sunday, July 28th, from 12:30-5:30, we will dive into the prayer practice of Visio Divina together. This practice offers some simple steps for paying deeper prayerful attention through meditating on art. It is amazing to sit with a piece of artwork and let it stir things in your soul. This stirring can be a starting place of conversation with God. This conversation often leads to a deep resting in God’s love and a contentment with your life as it is. 

You will have a block of silence after the lunch and teaching to sit with the tools given and to sit with God. The curated art deck that you receive as a tool to take home with you, is reason enough to attend! It is a gift that you can continue to use personally or share with your family or a friend. Sometimes people don’t know what they are feeling, but they can point to an image that resonates somehow. It sparks great conversation. Register Here

Then last but not least our Content and Conversations Webinar will shine a light on not only the importance and benefits of gratitude to your mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health, but will give some tangible ways you can start practicing it in your daily rhythms. 

Journey with Lacey Stluka on Tuesday, July 30th, at noon as she shares the struggles we face to find thankfulness in a world flooded with stress, comparison, anxiety, worry, and busyness. Learn how gratitude can be a powerful tool in pushing back these forces and increasing your trust and dependence on God.

As always, these are recorded, so go ahead and sign up even if the live date does not work for you. You will receive the recording to watch at your convenience. If you are able to attend in person, all screens will be off, but you are encouraged to ask questions of the presenter in the chat. Register Here

As always, if you are curious about a private retreat, time away in the Cabin, or session work please reach out.

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