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What is the Somatic Regulation Event?

Soma is body in Ancient Greek. Somatic psychology is a form of body-oriented therapy that uses techniques and holistic approaches to help people gain awareness of the body and to heal themselves.


June 25th from 6-8pm is our next somatic offering at The Retreat House. This time will be taught by Dr. Kevin Shelby and Britney Christie and focused on learning tools to calm your body in times of stress. 


Stress is a part of our human experience and feeling dysregulated can be the opposite of delightful. We believe you move through these experiences by attuning to the body. The feeling of coming back home to a state of regulation can certainly bring a sense of peace and opens us up to receive the moments of delight all around us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is dysregulation?

Dysregulation is the state you find yourself when it becomes difficult to get on top of your emotions. In this state, you may find yourself feeling a bit out of control, hypervigilant, or frozen without a sense of how to release the tension and anxiety you’re feeling. 

What can I expect during the event?

During our time together, you will consider different ways you experience dysregulation and learn how to return to a centered place of calmness. Our goal is for you to learn what is happening during these moments in your brain and nervous system and give you tangible, practical tools you can use to bring yourself and your body back to a state of stability and emotional regulation. When you come to this workshop be prepared to engage with your body through breathing and imaginative exercises as well as gain education of how the brain and body are connected. 

How Will I Benefit From This Experience?

Have you ever found yourself losing a sense of control in different areas of your life (like work or home) and wondered why you’re struggling to get yourself back to a calm state? Or do you sometimes find that your worries overtake and paralyze you and you feel suffocated by your anxiety and stress. This workshop is designed to help you understand what is happening and give you tools to calm down your body and, therefore, your mind. 

Will I be able to ask questions at the event?

Yes! We will also have a time of Q & A where you will have the opportunity to ask questions so that you will leave with practical ways to meet your anxieties and the everyday life stressors with the tools you need.

How can I prepare?

Come with an open heart and mind ready to learn. Feel free to dress casual and comfortable. We will be in the sunroom in a classroom style environment. Bring with you a journal/notebook and pen. 


Tuesday, June 25th 6-8p

10981 Macon Rd Eads, TN 38028

coffee, tea, and light snacks available

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