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Somatic Anchoring Event

This is a special offering led by Jess Peeler, assisted by Allison Bradsher. The word ‘soma’ means body; we will be leading you through a morning of anchoring practices involving the body. It is difficult to be present to God, others, and yourself, when your body is stuck in overwhelm and dis regulation. We believe God meets with us and heals us in all parts of our being, and since our body carries our story and holds our experiences, we want to offer you ways to invite God’s love and care into those places.

Saturday, May 4th from 9:30-11:30am with coffee, tea, and light snacks.

We know this may be a new practice for some of you, so we sat down with Jess to go through some frequently asked questions about somatic practices.

How will this benefit someone?

"My hope is that those who are able and willing to trust the process of slowing down and tuning in, that they will find deeper healing and connection with themselves, others, and God. The journey is not easy, and, from experience of being in my own process, I can faithfully say that I didn’t know life could be this sweet. "

What can I expect during this time?

"During our time together we will intentionally slow down and check in with our internal world, not just the mind, but with the body(soma). We will begin to engage with our nervous system. This will look like intentional practices of breath, engaging with the senses, gently moving the body, and time for processing with the group. "

Is it just like yoga?

"Yoga is one of the many practices humans use to get into and in touch with their bodies, and it is not the only way! Part of what we engage with on Saturday will have practices that are used in Yoga, and there are many other ways to engage with the body(soma)."

What does this have to do with my relationship with God?

"We are born as babies who only have our senses to engage the world. Babies are beautiful in so many ways. One way in particular is that since they don’t have words, and their prefrontal cortex(the thinking part of the brain) is not “online” yet, all they know is to respond to what is going on inside their little bodies. God created them this way. All they know is to ask (usually by crying) for what they need. As we age and our prefrontal comes “online,” we begin to tune out this automatic and autonomic response to our senses. We disconnect from our bodies and their needs and intellectualize feelings. However, we are not “human doings”, we are human beings. God created us BODY, mind and spirit. We are called to be attuned to all three, which requires intentionality and vulnerability, neediness and risk. God moves in and through our bodies, He is asking us to merely slow down, ask for help, and listen to His guidance. For the Hebrews, the body was part of the very good of which God spoke concerning what he had made. Moreover, the body– like the breath that infused it with life– was a gift. It was not something that belonged to them. It belonged to God, and as such something beautiful to be stewarded.”

What does this have to do with inner work?

"As human beings, our lived experiences do not happen without the body. For our body goes everywhere we do and it experiences everything we do. The famous quote(and book), “our bodies keep the score,” is not just a catchy phrase, but one that is true. Our bodies are as much a part of inner healing as working through cognitive memories. As we slow down and tune into our inner world, we might just awaken what really needs to be seen, heard, and allow for healing to begin.

How have these impacted you personally?

I will share more of my journey on Saturday! And, I will say that my greatest healing has happened over the last 4 years by slowing down and tuning in. The Lord has used it to help save my life. 

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