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What's Happening in July

As the summer rolls on at The Retreat House, we are looking forward to moving into July with a posture of gratitude. Shifting into intentional gratitude can not only ease anxiety but can move you toward joy and happiness. It is easy to focus on the things that are not going our way and miss out on the goodness around us but when we intentionally move towards a grateful posture we are more apt to see those moments of grace and goodness. 

For the month of July, we have open hours scheduled for July 5th from 10-2. Open Hours are a time for you to pop into The Retreat House and enjoy the grounds at your leisure, no need to register and there is no cost.

On July 9th we have our Summer Silent Retreat which begins at 9:30am as TRH Staff guides you into the silence with some teaching and a practice guide. You are welcome to take advantage of the grounds, chapel, art room, and refreshments as you spend time in the silence and then we gather back together at 12:15 with the practice of lectio divina. From there, you are welcome to bring your own lunch and stay to enjoy the grounds of The Retreat House until 2:00pm or you can leave after the lectio divina practice.  Register Here

This month for Content Conversations, Lacey Stluka will be helping us turn our attention to gratitude and how that can ease anxiety and stress in the day to day. Content Conversations is a one hour webinar of teaching and interaction that we think will enrich your life and spiritual formation journey. If you would like to join us in real time it is July 11th at 12pm but if you are unable to make that time slot no worries-we send everyone registered the recording and notes so you can watch at your convenience.  Register Here

We are especially excited about an upcoming retreat for high school students preparing for the transition to college . If you are a student who recently completed your junior or senior year of high school, we know this is a crucial time of planning. It is probably on your mind often, and we want to support you spiritually as you prepare. This one day retreat will help equip you for this important transition by teaching you prayer practices and giving you opportunities to learn about yourself and how God has wired you . July 17th 9-3pm. Register Here

If you missed June's somatic regulation workshop, not to worry, we are offering it again on July 25th from 6-8pm. This workshop is an introduction into what it means to be dsyregulated and you will learn what is happening to the brain and body and tangible tools to calm the nervous system when you feel out of control. This will be taught by Dr. Kevin Shelby and Britney Christie. Be ready to drink from a fire hydrant with the wisdom and action steps you will be given to learn how you can begin to heal from the toll anxiety and stress bring to our bodies. Register Here

And lastly July 28th we will be hosting a retreat focused on the beautiful practice of Visio Divina. Visio Divina is the practice of sacred seeing and opening your heart and mind to God through art. Sometimes we need a break from words and can greatly benefit from a practice that opens up our soul and imagination through meditating on art. If you have never tried this, now is a great time to learn it, and we will guide you. We will help you engage your senses through this practice. Register Here

As always, if you are curious about a private retreat, time away in the Cabin, or session work please reach out.

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