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Thanksgiving Prayer Practice

In the hustle and bustle of turkey and dressing and charcuterie boards, let's pause a moment for true gratitude.

Thanksgiving. A day dedicated to gratitude. While yes it is wonderful and beautiful to give gratitude for our freedoms, country, health, family and friends, the ultimate gratitude should go to Christ our Savior and the freedom we have in Him.

Join me in a practice of gratitude with this prayer.

-Start by posturing yourself alert with your feet on the ground,

back straight, heart open and hands open.

-Invite the Holy Spirit into your presence.

-Take 3 deep breaths, bringing your awareness to the gentle rise and fall of your chest.

-Give God gratitude for the breath that you breathe.

-Fix your heart and mind on Jesus. Visualize him in your mind’s eye.

-Pour out thanksgiving to God for Jesus.

-Give God gratitude for your life in Christ.

-Rejoice in the abundance of life that you possess because of Christ.

-Zero in on one hope that you have in Christ for the remaining days of this year. Give that before the Lord.

-When you are ready close out your time with the Lord’s prayer.

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