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Welcome To BFR Local

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

We are so excited that you are here. It is our hope that we can grow in knowledge and intimacy with The Lord together. As we have finished out our tenth year of Be Free Revolution we have been in a time of deep reflection. Throughout the ten years, there have been many periods of hard and strenuous pruning. Times where we were put through the fire and each time we were refined and made better. Most recently, we have really settled into who God has created us to be and moved from the "burning the candle at both ends girls" we were at the beginning to a deeper understanding of who God is and how surrender is the most freeing thing we could do.

The word balanced is something that feels buzzy and thrown around a lot. How do you find balance with work and family and fun and all the things? I don't really think that it is about finding balance as much as it is keeping things in their rightful places. We have learned a great deal about staying under the umbrella of protection of the Lord and how to discern what is mine to do in a day, in a moment even. Slowing down and truly knowing that God is in control and He will lead the way if we will relax into His current rather than fighting it.

Out of this current and this more contemplative expression of faith came BFR Local. Nothing will change within BFR, in fact we have been implementing much of what BFR Local is bringing to the table within the staff and scholars for the past couple of years. It is not our desire to market this or make it "big", we are simply a couple of beggars offering another beggar bread. Our hearts and hands are open to the Lord and hope to be faithful with what He has taught us.

We hope to create a landing space for learning and growing closer to the Lord. We will have resources, videos, discussions and blogs to walk with you. Whether you are new to contemplative practice or have been practicing for years-you are welcome here.

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