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BFR Local's First Silent Retreat

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Join us October 26th from 9:30-1:30 for a silent retreat. Click here to register.

What is a Silent Retreat?

A Silent Retreat is a time set apart for you to be alone with God among others. So how can you be alone but with others? You are sharing a physical space with people but you are not engaging with them- your focus is on engaging The Lord. There will be some resources available during the retreat for you to use while there if you would like. If this is your first time experiencing a silent retreat we will help you and get you going. While it can feel intimidating at first, you will soon see that your soul longs for this quieted time.

Coffee, tea, water and light snacks will be available for self service.


9:30: Arrival, group devotion time to set our hearts and minds towards The Lord

10-12:30 Period of Silence- during this time you are free to do whatever you would like

12:30-1:30 Silence is broken, short time of sharing and we will have lunch together

What to Bring

  • Bible

  • journal

  • layered clothing

  • blanket if you would like to sit out in the grass

What you won't need

  • technology It is best to fully unplug during this time. If you journal best on your computer or iPad we would encourage you to turn off internet access.

  • ear phones Being in silence is such a discipline and we want to encourage you to lean into it by not listening to music or podcasts or books during this time.

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