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BFR Local Overnight Retreat

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Join us February 25th for a life impacting 24 hours. Britney will lead us in separating from our false selves and embracing our true self, our redeemed self in Christ. We will be staying at the beautiful St. Columba Retreat Center in Memphis, Tennessee. The retreat center has 145 acres to explore and feel the presence of God.

This retreat will be less focused on connection with others and more focused on your personal inner work and intimacy with The Lord. Each moment at the retreat will be thoughtfully planned and curated to welcome you into time with the Lord and give you tools to respond to Him within silence, solitude and stillness.

To further encourage communion with God, rest, and intentionality, each participant will have their own room. We ask that you are unplugged while at the retreat which will help you to quiet your mind and soul and focus on God.

To keep the unique nature of this retreat, space is limited. Sign ups will close on Feb 17th


If you have additional questions please email

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