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Welcome Allison Bradsher to the BFR Local Team!

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

We are so excited and humbled to welcome Allison Bradsher to the BFR Local team. Allison and I met about six years ago through our kids’ school, Westminster Academy.

The Bradshers were assigned to us as our Amicus Family, a connecting family to help new families navigate the transition to WA. She has four children, two are the same ages as two of mine. The moment we met I felt connected to her and was so curious what God was up to. I think the word curious is something I have felt throughout our relationship. It was no coincidence that God chose the Bradshers as our Amicus Family and that she followed through with that in such a beautiful and intentional way.

As time went on and as I got to know her better, I saw a deep love of contemplative practice evident in her life. I had been investigating and learning more about the Christian Contemplative life and as I looked on at a fellow mom and friend journeying a similar path, again, I became curious. I found more and more of my conversations with Allison were about spiritual things rather than kid-centric things. We started to share experiences, struggles and curiosities. I remember asking her one day if she had a Spiritual Director because I was really struggling to find one. She shared that she had actually started a program at Moody Bible Institute to become a Spiritual Director herself. I was overjoyed because I knew that she would be perfect for this calling and that there was a great need that she would be fulfilling because finding a Spiritual Director in our area can be quite difficult.

Throughout the years, we would catch up here and there and she would update me with her journey and her Spiritual Direction program. I too began feeling the calling into Spiritual Direction and after researching several programs I decided to follow in her footsteps at Moody. I can honestly say that Allison’s mentorship and generosity of sharing and guiding me is a large part of who I am and the kind of Spiritual Director that I have become. She has led me so well. Her discernment and commitment to prayer have been pivotal in my journey. God has interwoven our stories. We are thrilled to extend the privilege to learn from and alongside Allison through BFR Local’s blog, book studies, retreats and Spiritual Direction.

Allison studied at Auburn University and Moody Bible Institute and is a Certified Spiritual Director. She is a contemplative at heart and loves to see people meet with the Lord in the quiet, still places otherwise overlooked or discarded. She has four children Evelyn 12, Wilder 10, and twins Deacon and Mabel almost 8. She met her husband Rob at Alpine/Desoto Summer Camp where they were counselors and they have been married for 15 years. They are active members at Downtown Church, where Allison leads a Sunday School Class. Their family enjoys time at the lake, hiking, and playing soccer.

We are curious and excited about how the Lord will continue to use Allison to bring others to the heart of God. Join us in welcoming her to the BFR Team.

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